As a part of Zeus Group, Aldar Tissues is committed to responsible labour practices

Core Labour Requirements Statement

Child labour

• Zeus Group is not employing workers below the age of 15.
• No person under the age of 18 is employed in hazardous or heavy work except for the purpose of training within approved national laws and regulations.
• Zeus Group prohibits all forms of child labour.
Forced and compulsory labour
• Employment relationships are voluntary and based on mutual consent, without the threat of a penalty.
• There is no evidence of any practice’s indicative of forced or compulsory labour, including, but not limited to, the following;
– Physical and sexual violence
Bonded labour
– Withholding of wages (unless agreed by both parties for damages) / including payment of employment fees and
– Or payment of deposits to commence employment
– Restriction of mobility/movement
– Retention of passport and identity documents
– Threats of denunciation to the authorities

Discrimination in employment and occupation

• Employment and occupation practices are non-discriminatory.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
• Our workers are able to establish or join worker organisations of their own choosing. However, Zeus Group has no recognised labour unions.
• Zeus Group respects the full freedom of workers organisations to draw up their constitution and rules.

Code of Conduct
Core Labour Requirements Statement

• Zeus Group respects the rights of workers to engage in lawful activities related to forming, joining or assisting a worker’s organisation, or to refrain from doing the same, and will not discriminate or punish workers for exercising these rights.
• Zeus Group may negotiate with recognised worker representatives in good faith and with best efforts to reach resolutions.
• Collective bargaining agreements are implemented where they exist.

Approved by: Lisa Satterthwaite, Group Head of People & HR Services
Doc Ref: FSCR21
Rev No/Date: 0
Last review on: 16.02.2022

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